What to look out for when signing up with online delivery platforms

Food delivery options abound and there are plenty of benefits of working with one of them – you’ll be able to reach a wider market, potentially increase your market share and increase revenue. Plus, having your shop listed on these platforms can drive traffic to your brick and mortar shop.

But with so many out there, what should you look out for or do when you’re deciding to sign up? Here’s a list of things you might want to consider:

A good user interface

If the app is hard to use – there is no point. Get a few of your staff or even just friends to take a look at it, it should be intuitive and easy to use so any of your staff can quickly respond to orders that come in, or to contact support and help when required. Check that options for “help” or “support” don’t only provide standard questions and answers and that there are avenues for you to seek assistance when required.

Fast alerts when orders are made

Alerts should be fast, if not immediate! A faster alert means you can respond and decide if you want to take the order. It also means less customer waiting time, which brings greater satisfaction. Which also leads us to…

Enough lead time

Ideally you can change lead time for different dishes if they take longer to prepare, or if your restaurant is crowded during peak hours. This avoids problems like having the rider reach your outlet before food is prepared, which can lead to longer waits for customers and also a lot of unhappiness.

Menu flexibility

Seasonal items on your menu? Festive holidays you have special dishes for? Items you want to clear? Or items out of stock? Make sure the menu you provide can be flexibly changed to accommodate the menu changes you like.

The delivery provider’s track record

This seems like it should be common sense… but check. Ask around, look online – see if they are doing well, if reviews are good, and very importantly, if payment terms are favourable.

Your takeaway packaging

This isn’t about the provider, but for you: are you equipped for takeaways? Are there liquids on your takeaway menu? How will you make sure these don’t spill? Look into effective ways of packaging food to keep it fresh and also looking palatable — bearing in mind there are many riders on e-scooters or bikes.