What to do when you revamp your menu?


Should a restaurant be changing its menu? How often and how extensively? And how do you know which items to remove or alter? Menu revamping can be a stressful time for the chefs who need to come up with new dishes, and for the business owners who worry whether these changes will be well-received. Read on for some tips that can hopefully help you out.


Do check popularity and profitability

Regularly check to determine which items on your menu are the most popular and which give you the most profit. At the same time, figure out which ones are not. This should give you an indication of dishes that can be removed or improved to help you increase sales. It can also give you insights on items that are costly for you to produce, so you can source for suppliers or methods of preparation to reduce the burden if it stays on your menu.


Do keep your best sellers

This should be obvious – the stars of your menu should always remain as these are what draws the crowd. If change is needed, consider offering enhanced or improved versions of these dishes instead. Tweak; be subtle and don’t overhaul the dishes in this area.


Do feature seasonal dishes

Seasonal dishes and specials are a good way for you to test out new ideas and see if they are well-received before permanently adding them to your menu. If you’re short on ideas about what dishes to do, think about the festive holidays and create something to fit those. Look into what types of ingredients are in season and play around with those.


Do notify your customers

Train your servers to promote your specials not just when the customer sits down, but when they order! Use social media to blast about new and interesting menu additions – this can help attract new crowd to your F&B outlets. And make sure news is up early so if people are making advanced plans for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or New Year, they will have your shop in mind in advance.


Menu revamping can be a challenging process, but it’s crucial to keeping your revenue up, maintaining interest from existing customers and attracting new ones. So have fun, and good luck!