Rethink and Reevaluate Part 2

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Things might be running smoothly for now… but how good a grip do you have over your operations? And are you doing what it takes to stay on top of the game? Answer the questions below and see if any of them help you see areas that you can improve.


  • San Wah Shum

    What if I have close to nothing of the above ( Part 1 & 2 ), where can I ( or my staff ) to get help?

  • Charles Stephan

    Hi there
    I am available (part time) to implement your SOP/Social Media/Check your Ops for all the traps. Have run and consulted restaurants for 15 years in Singapore. I can do your wine list and choose the correct wines at the right price. I can monitor which staff are lazy and on their phones all the time. Check that food menu actually delivers what it says. I know whats wrong with Restaurants that dont deliver. The Biggest Headache in Singapore is staff get them on your side and things will go better. Have the right Music and Ambiance. 4 things stand out . Product/Price/Ambiance/Service. Get these right and the rest follows.
    Msg me on 96922259