Making the most of your recruitment

Where is all the good talent these days? And after you find them, how do you get them to join your team?


Know where to place your job ads

Traditional mediums like the newspaper and job portals have their benefits, but to reach a younger crowd or a specific demographic, it might do well to also look into social media. A strong social media presence that communicates the culture of your business can very attractive to the younger job-seekers.

Being active on social media can also keep you in the loop for who are the up and coming stars in the F&B industry. You never know if you might see an opportunity to collaborate and become partners.

Also, although we’ve all heard that when doing business, it is sometimes better to avoid hiring your friends and family, it is not always a bad idea to go with referrals and recommendations. Your existing staff will have a better understanding of the character of the friends and family that they recommend – things you might not suss out through a quick interview! And they can save you the trouble of sieving through a few hundred (unsuitable) applications.


Provide a fair employment package

You might not be the best paying employer in the market, but you probably don’t want to be the worst paying one either!

So check out the industry rates and benchmark your wages to that. Remember, just because you were paid $3/h for a part-time job in the past, does not mean that you can get away doing that today.

And if pay is really an issue, try to think of other ways you can improve your package to seem like a good employer. There are many ways: better transport options for staff who work the closing shift, a later start time if they ended work late, free food or discounts for their friends… the list goes on.


Offer training

As convenient as it would be to hire staff who already have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge they can contribute to your company, it is not likely to be possible.

Sometimes, it is better to prioritise finding someone with a good attitude and sufficient interest, then be willing to invest in them by providing the necessary training.

Adopting this mindset could also widen your pool of possible applicants – whether a student looking for his or her first part-time job, or an older person whose experience has been in a different industry. The added benefit is that fresh blood will also come without bad habits, so you get a chance to teach them and ensure they learn to do things your way.


And, training and learning is often something people value as a way to advance themselves!


  • San Wah Shum

    One-size-fits-all for employment package or training is not good enough nowadays…

  • San Wah Shum

    Not only hiring and training needs to explore new ideas, communication, co-ordination, monitoring, evaluation and many areas require new ideas, new approaches, new skills to maintain a versatile workforce……