Look out in 2019!

New year and new changes await as we move into 2019! Some of you might be thinking of revamping your menu, changing the way some processes are done, or even starting up a new outlet with a different concept. To help you get your creative juices flowing, here are some trends to look into for the next year.

Go cashless

With the wave of digitalisation, there are many processes from stocking your inventory to table seating that are now going digital. Payment with apps like Apple Pay and Grab Pay are also being used by more and more people who favour it for its convenience and also for the discounts and perks. Look into integrating a cashless system into your operations to cater to this crowd!

Make delivery available

The convenience of food delivery apps are making it possible for people to access a wider variety of food options without leaving their homes or offices. F&B outlets that jump on this bandwagon in turn benefit from being able to go beyond space limitations to reach a much wider base of customers. So if delivery options haven’t been made available for your F&B outlet, maybe the next year is the time for you to try. Understandably, there are concerns about diluting the dining experience, but you can get around this by providing a more limited or different menu for delivery items, so people can still experience your brand and taste your food, without needing to step foot into your brick and mortar shop front. Look into it and see how you can leverage these apps to promote and expand your business!

Cater to the health conscious

Health and wellness are rising to the forefront of people’s priorities and gone are the days when eating healthy was synonymous with vegetarian, bland or tasteless. Now, F&B outlet owners across the globe are creating a range of interesting healthy dishes, playing around with superfoods like goji, chia seeds, quinoa and berries, just to name a few. So see what you can do to jump on this bandwagon! You might experiment to see what new and interesting healthy dishes you can introduce, and even if you aren’t ready for that, you can do simple things like It offer a calorie count for your menu items or altering your recipes slightly to use less oil and salt.

Look into local influences

While foreign cuisines like Japanese, Korean and Italian remain popular, tastes are shifting to appreciate local flavours a lot more. Inventive versions of popular local dishes like chicken rice, nasi lemak have popped up – and been very popular – and flavours like salted egg are making an appearance across all sorts of dishes. So if you’re looking for inspiration for new dishes for 2019, maybe there is no better place to start than home – look into local favourites, local produce and local methods of cooking to see if that sparks any ideas worth trying.