The importance of lifelong learning in F&B

In the F&B industry, many things are learned organically while on the job. Whether service staff or a chef, a lot of work comes down to instinct and experience and some lessons can only be learned from the mistakes you make. Yet, none of this negates the need to regularly attend training to upgrade your skills! Here are five ways training can help you:


You will be better at troubleshooting

You might understand your menu very well, and know the exact proportions of ingredients to include and the temperature that items must be stored at… but you can go further! By investing in courses on food science, for instance, you will be equipped with the scientific knowledge on why certain ingredients work together the way they do.

The same holds true for courses on food safety… knowing the theory can help you understand the reasons behind processes that you have picked up intuitively. With this knowledge and true in-depth understanding, you will be better able to improve processes and solve any problems that arise.


It keeps you inspired

Every teacher you meet has something different to impart. This is especially for those taking up roles as chefs! Each chef you learn from has a different specialty, a different method of working, and in turn, something different for you to take away from them. Continuously learning from others in the industry will keep you updated on what the latest trends are and give you fresh ideas that will help you hone your craft!


It will help you advance in your career

Rising up the ranks can require you take on more roles and responsibilities that go beyond your comfort zone – and some of these can be more general, management tasks to do with budgeting and scheduling… or even updating your outlet’s Facebook page.

So why not take up some courses on digital marketing, accounting, or revenue management – all of these equip you with updated skills that can make you more valuable as an employee and demonstrate your potential to handle more senior-level roles.


It will help you become a better manager

Nobody likes a manager that doesn’t understand the roles in the team. And that being said, a manager that does not know what each person can or cannot do, is one that is susceptible to being taken advantage of by his workers. 

This can be avoided by making the effort to learn more about the different roles in the F&B industry. It will enable you to better understand the challenges that your colleagues face, and help you discern fact from fiction when things go wrong. Knowing how to do more things will also help you become less dependent on staff – so next time someone calls in sick last minute, you don’t need to panic, you can take over!