Let tech eat its way into your restaurant

There are a myriad of benefits that tech can bring, and not all of it is expensive, state-of-the-art machinery. Check out some benefits that mobile technology brings!


#1 Improves speed and efficiency

There are countless ways tech can help streamline your operations – giving you the speed and efficiency you need to tackle to lunch or dinnertime crowd!


You can try using apps to manage the queue during peak hours, use iPad menus to save the need for more servers in your outlet. You can even connect your restaurant website with an existing online reservation system, so you spend way less time answering phone calls, or start looking for apps around that help with inventory management so you minimise food wastage and maximise your sales. Plus, we hear that mobile pay is becoming a big thing – why not get a headstart in enabling your customers to use it!


#2 Solves labour shortage issues

The human touch is no doubt important, but for any restaurant owner, manpower challenges abound! There are problems finding people willing to work in the industry: full-timers might not accept the hours and pay, and part-timers have a high turnover and sometimes erratic schedules that make planning very difficult. That, plus the increased costs in hiring foreign talent….


So rather than tear your hair out trying to schedule enough staff for the peak hours, and still need to deal with angry, impatient customers, why not try automating the areas that you can?


Your staff can be deployed to perform more meaningful tasks and provide more attentive service to your customers… and they might be happier, too!


#3 Ability to move into the wider market

There are plenty of apps that you can ride on to help reach a wider crowd.


Apps that offer promotions at F&B outlets can help drive some crowd into your place – something you want, especially if you’re new. And, delivery services can help you take your food out of the limits of your brick and mortar space, into the communities all around. There are even platforms that enable you to manage your own deliveries if that’s what you prefer!


#4 Marketing and promotion

Developing a mobile app just for your F&B outlet can be a little costly and perhaps difficult to maintain, but having one is also a great way to engage with your customers by sending them notifications on promos and helping keep track of their loyalty points…. Just for example.


But even if that isn’t your style, think of all the ways you can use Instagram and Facebook to promote your business. Sponsored ads are one way, but a solid Instagram or Facebook contest can also generate hype and build your brand awareness. Little things like a freebie for “liking” your page, or a discount for checking in can all add up to happy customers sharing about your outlet – so don’t forget to ensure your contact details are all accurate as well!