Help is on the way!

Saw the news about the mentorship programme for the F&B Community?

RAS is proud to be partnering SPRING Singapore for this programme! Not quite sure what this is all about? Read on and we’ll answer some of your questions!


What is this all about about?

This is to help F&B owners build productive and sustainable businesses. The aim is to enhance the F&B sector in the country.


Who is it for?

Existing F&B outlet owners and entrepreneurs… anyone with an interest in improving their F&B business!


What can I look forward to?

The main programme is a mentorship system that runs for six months.

Over the six months, there will be a minimum of six hours of face-to-face contact with your mentor. This will be done one-on-one to ensure you can have all your questions answered and really tap on their expertise.


For the remainder of the programme, contact can be done at your convenience – through phone calls, emails, What’sApp… whatever works!

Mentors are F&B veterans like:

  • Steen Puggard, CEO of 4Fingers
  • Andrew Khoo, COO of ABR Holdings
  • Jerry Lim, COO of JP Pepperdine
  • Angeles Herrero, Managing Director, Kazbar
  • Andrew Ing, COO of The Lo & Behold Group
  • Andrew Tjioe, Excutive Chairman of Tung Lok Group


Why should I sign up?

It’s not always easy to run a business! There are blind spots you might not have noticed, and questions you can’t always Google the answer to.

Many lessons are also learned from experience, so it is always helpful to have someone who has been there and done that – and succeeded – to help you navigate.

Besides this, it’s a great opportunity to network and have people to bounce ideas with. You never know what fresh insights and ideas you might come up with.


I’m not sure I can commit to six months, what should I do?

Your commitment is of utmost importance to the success of this programme.

The mentors have pledged their time for this and we hope you will too!

If you aren’t sure you can commit, no worries, maybe just hold off on your application for a while?


Ok, great. I’m interested. But this isn’t enough information for me. How do I find out more?

For more details on all of these programmes, please see:

To be a mentee, please download the form and send the completed form to or


We hope this short FAQ has helped answer a few of your questions… or at very least, gotten you excited about the things to come. Do stay tuned to find out more!