F&B Entrepreneur’s Gratitude Checklist


Thank yourself for having the courage to come out, start up and make changes!

First and foremost, give yourself a pat on the back for following your F&B dreams this year. Whether it was expanding your existing business, starting a new business, or simply revamping your old one – it was a brave move to make to step out of your comfort zone, k. Kudos to you for having done that. No matter the challenges that have arisen and the battles you have fought, we hope that there have been moments of triumph and and valuable lessons learned which brings us to…


Give thanks for a valuable lesson you have learned or a challenge you overcame

This It might or might not have been a pleasant lesson to learn (although we hope it was), but perhaps you can count your blessings for what it has taught you and the changes you have made because of it. The experience – now passed – has become just a notch on your belt of F&B knowledge. May it shape how you work in the future and bring better things to your door.


Count your blessings for a member of staff – or a friend – that has been with you through thick or thin 

It might be someone who has stayed with you, working through the night to sort out the operation nitty-gritty details. Or perhaps it is someone who providesd you with good advice, or someone who has spent nights listening to you rant about the problems that upset you. Whoever that person is, and whatever that person has done, be grateful for him or her! Good staff and good friends that who will walk with you through the fire of F&B entrepreneurship are not always easy to come by, be glad for the memories you have shared and the tougher times that might become funny stories for the next generation.


Rejoice for that customer (or a few) whose face(s) you are happy to see

We’ve all got those days we wish we didn’t have to work. It could have been a tough day of difficult customers, or a late night of work that makes the next day draining – and then something happened that made your job seem more worthwhile. Perhaps you chanced upon a great Facebook review, maybe it was that your F&B outlet got to be the part of someone’s celebration, or perhaps it was a regular customer who came in, chatted and said thank you. There are many moments of small victories, look back and think of one – or a few – and be glad 🙂


Give thanks for having survived

Ultimately, be glad that you survived the year. That you stuck it out throughout the difficult times and have made it so far. The effort and sleepless nights you have put in might not have ended, but we hope it has been a worthwhile journey and we hope that we at RAS Mentorship Forum could have been of some help.


Thank you for staying tuned to our articles this 2017, and we look forward to working with you on your F&B business in the years to come.