Dos and don’ts of building your social media presence

It seems like everyone is on Facebook and Instagram these days! There is no doubt that these platforms are great ways to promote your business and build your client base, but it is also dangerous territory to tread into if you aren’t careful! Read on for some basic dos and don’ts.



DO ensure that all your information is accurate

This may seem like common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to check, check and CHECK!

Your address, contact number, email address and website (if applicable) should be listed on your Facebook page and must be accurate. Your outlet should be locatable through Google maps. And if you are based in a huge shopping mall like Suntec City or simply in a corner that is hard to find, it helps to give your first-time customers some added directions to your outlet.

Finally, make sure your information is updated and consistent across the different platforms – especially for your opening hours!


DO respond to your customers

That being said, it is necessary, but not sufficient simply to have a Facebook page or Instagram account set up. Communication is a two-way street and you need to be able to also listen to your customers.

Do this by responding if they tag you in pictures, or post pictures at your location. You can like their posts, or their comments, or put in a short reply to thank them for coming…  a little gesture can sometimes say a lot about your level of customer service!


DO post pictures of your food and outlet

Another way to reach out to customers is simply to share what you are up to. Update them on new items on the menu, promotions, maybe even some behind-the-scenes fun shots – things that show off your company’s personality.

Also, definitely post (or re-post with credit) delicious pictures of your food! This is a sure-fire way to attract the attention of anyone skimming through social media!


DO NOT ignore queries over social media

We know… with Facebook chat, email, Instagram direct messages and plenty of online reservation apps, communication is going to get messy and it is difficult to monitor all the channels at once.

But try to stay on top of these things and respond to your customers’ genuine queries. Just for example, you never know when one of those Facebook messages you ignore are from a writer offering you a feature 😉


DO NOT get defensive

Possibly the most important of the list: do not be rude to your customers, especially on social media.

There are always going to be unreasonable people around, so try your best not to join the club. This doesn’t mean you pander to the customer’s every whim and fancy, rather, remember that an angry customer is one that does not see reason, so do not provoke him or her.

There are many reasons for this, but let’s stick to the most basic one: what you post on social media is quite permanent and the potential damage done, very difficult to repair. Take your conversations to somewhere private such as private messaging or phone calls instead.