Do it right!

Getting all the administrative procedures in place is tough, we get it! So here’s a short Q&A that hopefully help you out!


Q: Do I need a license? What kind?

A: YES. Whether you are opening a cafe, a restaurant, or a mobile food truck, you will need to get a license! You will also need a license to serve alcohol, tobacco, provide entertainment… there are also regulations for your renovation and your type of signage!

See a summary of things :


Q: Why do I need a license for everything?

A: Firstly, for safety. You don’t want to be poisoning your customers because of non-hygienic processes, just for example. Regulations on things like outdoor seating and alcohol licensing helps ensure your establishment isn’t bothering your neighbours, and things to do with employment and advertising help ensure fair competition in the industry.


Q: Where do I get a license? Or how do I find out about the licensing?

A: Here is a list of links you might find helpful! 

You can apply for many licenses you need at this site:

Basic company licensing/links:

F&B specific links

Other useful links: