Don’t blow all your budget on social media!

With the popularity of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, one might think that the impact of social media far trumps that of traditional media like radio advertisements, posters and flyers. In many ways, this can be true – but traditional media is not dead and in many ways, cannot be ignored. These are the reasons why:


#1 It helps generate awareness

Clicks, likes, shares and hashtags are all great ways to generate awareness about your F&B outlet, but another way is simply through footfall. So think about the space surrounding your outlet, and identify the areas that have the highest levels of human traffic.


A well placed poster in a lift, escalator, at a gantry – in a toilet, even – with high traffic can work wonders in getting people to know that your outlet exists!  Which leads us to…


#2 Signage is important

Given, there are bars out there that sell based on exclusivity and secrecy and do not have open signage. But this is an integral part of their concept – the question is, is it also part of yours?


If not, invest in clear and proper signage. A visible signboard is likely to be a must, but also consider things like floor decals or pillar wraps to direct people, especially if you are in a huge, crowded place like a shopping mall! Just remember, you want your outlet to stand out, to be easily recognised and noticed and very importantly, you want people to be able to find you.


#3 It is harder to get lost in the overflow of information

Also, although social media platforms are great avenues to find out about new restaurants, it is also too easy for us to lose track of the eateries we want to visit as we get bombarded with so many different advertisements, pictures and news.


Posters and flyers are ultimately tangible items that people can easily locate and because of that, remember. So before you dismiss the idea of giving out flyers at MRT stations, do remember that this might be good way to raise awareness about your outlet and your promotions, especially if you are new to the area!


#4 There is still a market for many of these things

Not everyone is social media savvy! There are still people who read hard copies of the newspapers or magazines, watch television and regularly listen to the radio.


Think about what demographic you expect to attract to your restaurant and the ways in which these people get information – opting for some traditional media options may be something you need to invest more in!

  • Anthony Say

    Social medias are reaching out to customers, however not everyone are familiar on the concept and how to apply efficient and effective social media advertising. Many restaurant marketing executives are new to this concept, many are not aware of using Google adwords or Google analytic to maximize effectiveness.