A Check-Up on Food and Beverage Trends

We may wonder what we will eat for dinner, but the ore interesting question is another. What will we eat in the future? The world is buzzing with new developments in every industry you can name. The global food industry is also going through such exciting developments and changes that they’d leave the oldies pleasantly flabbergasted.

These days you can order food at lightning speed with just a few clicks.You can even try food that doesn’t taste like what it actually is. Technology has already advanced so far that food is being 3D printed, while new trends bring restaurant chefs to your house for private dining. Life and times are always changing, but the food and beverage trends are moving faster than ever. Not all new fashions will survive, but some are fascinating and worth to inspect closely.

Inviting a private chef to your home is a growing trend in the food and beverage industry and truly unique.

We picked out some of the most exciting food and beverage trends that are brewing to go bigger than ever.

Food science

There is a massive uprising of new culinary methods being developed through science. The developments in the food science industry are the driving force behind other sectors. As technology is advancing rapidly, it spreads into other fields. The results can be seen in two prominent segments of food and beverage trends– neurogastronomy and molecular gastronomy.


This term refers to the way the brain creates a sensation of flavour and taste in your mouth. Remember the last time you had fallen ill due to a cold or cough? All your food simply tasted plain? That can be called a neurogastronomic situation and happens regularly in our lives. Without the smell of food we are unable to figure out the flavour of food.

Restaurateurs in the food and beverage industry are using the reaction of our senses to smells and sounds in order to create a profitable food business. In other word, it is making the sugar taste sweeter and salt taste saltier. The popular drinks company Diageo (producing brands like Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Baileys and more) found out that the smell of green grass and the sound of chirping birds make single malts tastier and grassier. Now that is some research.

Apparently it is in nature where you should enjoy the good life – research suggests that the smell of green grass makes whiskey taste better.

The multisensory fine dining experience is becoming more and more important in F&B these days. This doesn’t simply include a great experience, but also concerns the illusion of an enhanced experience. The development isn’t entirely new, but the thought and research for the perfect illusion is reaching new heights in the food and beverage industry.

Molecular Gastronomy

Another big F&B trend in the food science sector is molecular gastronomy. Ferran Adrià is a household name and his food is known to anyone with a serious interest in food. Molecular gastronomy is here to stay and can already be found on menus around the world. For those who don’t know, dishes that taste totally different than what they resemble can be considered molecular gastronomy. The theory is more complex though. However, the molecular experience is advancing to become even more tech. The latest fusion trend in the food and beverage industry is molecular food meets 3D printing. These specialised printers start experimenting with a molecular gastronomy technique called spherification in order to produce gelatinous fruit-flavoured capsules.



Chef Tim Ross-Watson’s spectacular DIY Cocktails, served during one of Clubvivre’s events on molecular gastronomy.

Technology and food

Technology isn’t just helping us to get our food faster, but soon we will be able to do so much more with it. There are innumerable websites available to order food through some of the most unique ways. You can have access to any food at any time. Companies in the food and beverage industry, like TellSpec, are developing tools for us to detect nutrients in our food. Just imagine finding all nutritious information at your fingertip.

The first sensation of 3D printed food is slowly fading away. However, the first consumer-friendly 3D printers are already booked out. How about printing some perfect basil pesto pasta for dinner? 3D printing your own food at home will be the obvious next trend in the food tech industry. How the masses will respond remains to be seen. The direction of the global food and beverage industry is mind-boggling, but also local trends in Singapore are interesting.




3D printing food is an growing food and beverage trend. This is how a common plastic 3D printer looks nowadays.

Food and Beverage Trends in Singapore

Signature and customised experiences are not only hot for restaurants, but also in the beverage industry. Speakeasy-style bars and bespoke cocktails have taken Singapore by storm. But there is more to come in F&B Singapore.

The Mystery Dungeons

Hidden behind secret entrances, in MRT walkways and cellars one can find a speakeasy Singapore-style. Although they are hidden, they don’t remain that way for very long. The speakeasy originally emerged in America in late 20’s, when the sale of liquor was prohibited. Thirsty liquor-enthusiasts created almost invisible locations, where one could drink, if one knew the password. The speakeasy Singapore-style is merged with the bespoke cocktail trend.

However, this trend is somewhat washed out and might be soon be replaced by another or developed further. Food and beverage trends usually emerge from New York, Manhattan to be precise. Some bars are already exploring new options. Same idea, but different time period. There are pirate bars and hopefully soon some traditional Chinese-inspired bars. The mixologists are taking their craft further as well. Bottled and barrel-aged cocktails are already available in the scene of F&B Singapore.

The Craft Beer Truth

Craft beers are not only trending in Singapore, but worldwide. Plenty of bars are importing and offering a beautiful collection of craft beers from all over the world. Surely there isn’t any shortage of beautiful and uniquely engineered beer in Singapore, but there aren’t that many crafted locally. Singaporeans are thirsty and just got started. Some local beer enthusiasts have taken up the challenge and want to create the culture surrounding the beer trends. Hospoda is perhaps the smallest brewery in Singapore, but a leading example in the food and beverage industry.

Craft beer is not only globally on the rise, but also a growing trend in Singapore.

The Personal Touch

With the growing number of brands, restaurants, hotels, pubs, numerous cuisines, fusion cuisines, we are all looking for the personal touch. Creating the most unique and personal experience is something that has become important for almost all restaurants now. Emerging out of this trend are startups and restaurants that are curating private dining experiences and hosting personalised dinners.

Restaurants often appeal with views and fancy interior. But what is more comfortable than the setting of one’s own house. A private chef can come to your desired location and cook. This trend is hassle-free and as comfortable as it gets. How about getting served an Exquisite Modern European menu in a personal and private fine dining experience? If you want to have a private dinner, a private chef is just a click away.

Most of the trends above are interwoven and linked with each other. Ideas and trends in the industry are being explored at different ends. One could almost call the industry an open-source environment. The food and beverage is evolving faster than we can eat and drink. Therefore, it is time to take the plunge and try something new.

What do you think will be the next hype in the food and beverage industry? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Author: Vega Chauhan

Bon Vivant. Article and images retrieved from http://www.bonvivant-mag.com.