10 food trends that might take S’pore by storm in 2016

As we welcome the New Year, we prep our tummies and our wallets for some of the food trends that might be taking Singapore by storm in 2016.

Image: misstamchiak.com

Salted egg yolk everything

This was a massive trend in 2015, and we are sure that it is here to stay with more cafes and restaurants dishing out more versions of the preserved egg goodness. Has anyone tried the salted egg xiao long bao at Crystal Jade La Mian XLB yet?



Image: 4-the-love-of-food.blogspot.com

Hong Kong food brands

Following the arrival of the popular butter cookie from Jenny Bakery and wanton noodles from Mak’s Noodles, the famous flaky Hong Kong egg tart – Tei Cheong Bakery is here to stay. We are looking forward to more establishments that will be heralding from Hong Kong!



Image: parentheticalpilgrim.wordpress.com

Fancy food in hawker centres

Following the footsteps of Alibabar Hawker Bar and Immanuel French Kitchen, we are curious to find out which hawker establishment will catch our eyes and our appetites next!



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Ramen burger

Possibly one of the most underrated food around. A ramen burger is essentially a patty nestled within two crispy ramen buns topped with ingredients like lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. When executed well, you get the amalgamation of irressistible crispy and succulent textures.


Image: superadrianme.com

Savoury ice cream

With savoury ice cream flavours like white pepper ice cream from The Quarters and Chili Chocolate from The Daily Scoop, we wonder what will be coming next!



Image: burritoboys.com.sg


Burritos are healthier versions of sandwiches, and since everyone is so crazed up about health foods nowadays, we are pretty sure that this might become a hit in the coming year!



Image: sg.news.yahoo.com

Fusion dishes

Ever heard of laksa pasta or satay burgers? Well, with more exotic dishes entering the Singapore food scene, we do hope to see more fusion dishes that are closer to our roots, and our hearts.



Image: hungrygowhere.com

Hawker food fares

Looking for the best oyster omelette or fried carrot cake in town? Well, you can count on us to give you a never-ending list of the best hawker treats!



Image: instagram @cforcassan

High tea sets

We have been witnessing more and more photos of the towering high tea sets from restaurants Arteastiq and Ant!dote, and we hope that there will be more coming in the upcoming year to send tea connoisseurs flipping with excitement! It will be a great way to brighten up a slow-paced afternoon!



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Malaysian Cafes

More netizens are now flocking across the borders to the cafes in Malaysia. Even though the streets are already bustling with establishments, many cafes are still under renovations and will be ready for operations by mid this year. We honestly can’t wait!


Article and images retrieved from http://www.goodyfeed.com/.